The SC Invitational hosted by The Eh Team!

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The SC Invitational hosted by The Eh Team!
Thursday, June 05, 2014 10:00 PM
Second City Hollywood Studio Theater, Hollywood, CA
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Sorry, but the show is sold out. You can always come the box office to see if unclaimed tickets get realease at showtime. Thank you!
Each week a SC host team splits an hour with a visiting group from the improv community.

The Eh Team - The Eh Team was named ‘Best of Fest’ at the recent LA Comedy Festival.  Come see why.  Toronto Second City Alums Ayumi Iizuka, Mary Pat Farrell, Lauren Ash, Marc Hickox, Peter Oldring, and Doug Morency deliver a fast paced, mind bending, pan-dimensional longform that is as close as you can come to having an LSD trip without actually taking LSD.

6/5 - Mis-Cast Showcase - Actors performing scenes from existing TV shows, movies, or plays to show off their skills. However, they have to play characters that they are absolutely wrong for.