Writer’s Showcase

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Writer’s Showcase
Wednesday, November 14, 2012 8:00 PM
Second City Hollywood Studio Theater, Hollywood, CA
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Sorry, but the show is sold out. You can always come the box office to see if unclaimed tickets get realease at showtime. Thank you!
Writer’s Showcase: $10
"Love Comedies at The Second City"
A writing and acting showcase featuring talent trained at the top schools in Hollywood.
"That 70's Show - Space Invaded" Spec Script by John Lordan
Donna's wedding plans come apart when Eric finds a new love.. the Atari home entertainment system.
"Maybe" Original Script by Sadie Katz
Rachel is starting her dream job, and restarting her dream relationship when an unexpected delivery threatens to destroy both at once.
"The Return of Raphael Dumbtaro" Original Television Pilot by John Lordan
Can a former "hero of love" now on a vow of celibacy save the world from an evil mega-corporation bent on enslaving all "woman-ity?"
Featuring the acting talents of: Josh Margulies, Sadie Katz, Benny Parks, Alpa Banker and more!
Produced by John Lordan and Josh Margulies
Directed by John Lordan and Sadie Katz